Insurance services

Insurance services

There are many reasons why the insurance sector is choosing to outsource its customer management, reasons which go way beyond the more obvious cost reductions.

But, ultimately, they all boil down to one overarching goal: to improve, or maintain, the best experience possible for their customers. With the insurance industry facing a number of challenges that goal can be hard – and costly – to achieve without some expert help.

These challenges include an increasing amount of customer enquiries, due to the current cost-of-living crisis and consequent affordability issues. This is coupled with the ongoing recruitment challenges and talent shortages, leaving many businesses without the resource needed to meet the demand. The cost-of-living crisis is also forcing many insurers to seriously consider introducing new, more flexible payment options, new affordability assessment processes, or even new products. And all of these require the resource to handle them, as well as the latest in AI, analytics and other digital tools.

Outsourcing your customer service and claims handling

At Sigma Connected, we partner with leading insurers, providing them with contact centre, claim handling and policy administration through all the stages of the insurance customer lifecycle. We have the talent and resource, ready and waiting, as well as the technology you need to futureproof your processes. You can use our services long term, or for shorter bursts, or rapid ramp-ups, when you need extra support. Our focus is to maximise LTV of your customers and provide proactive policy renewal and retention strategies.

Our expert teams sit both in the UK and in our South African contact centres, with shared infrastructure and systems, shared management with seamless service delivery and are FCA compliant. Our UK workforce are mainly based at home enabling us to recruit from a wider pool of talent.

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We chose South Africa for our offshore delivery as it is known for its reputation for outstanding customer service – named ‘the most favoured offshore CX delivery location in 2021 and 2022’ –cultural affinity, infrastructure, naturally friendly and empathetic manner, and value for money.  With a skilled and available workforce it ensures we have agents at the ready to support all our clients.

We can deliver an omnichannel customer experience across voice, email, web chat, SMS and social media. Data analytics and root cause analysis helps us to monitor and optimise customer contact processes. We also invest in the latest digital technology – such as AI, automation, and IVR – all of which we can use to improve your customer services. Above all, we are firm believers in the human element of the customer experience and the need for empathy and compassion.

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Our policy administration solutions cover the full customer lifecycle:
  • onboarding / welcome calls
  • mid-term adjustment (MTAs)
  • policy changes
  • document queries
  • payment defaults
  • telematics incident managemnet
  • changes in medical circumstances
  • renewal
  • cancellation – retention / save the sale

Our claims handling services include:

  • first notification of loss (FNOL)
  • accident management fulfillment
  • repairer network selection
  • total claims management
  • home emergency response
  • medical claims (including travel and pet)
  • complaint management

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