Corporate & social responsibility

Our CSR programme

We take our responsibility as a business seriously,
and we are committed to making a positive difference wherever we can. Our Sigma Connected CSR projects capture the work we are doing to connect with people, the communities in which we operate and also protecting the environment.

Our approach to CSR

The Sigma Connected mission to ‘Improve everything always’ is at the core of our drive to being a responsible business. We then focus on people, the communities in which we work and the environment, delivering initiatives to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Our People

With a diverse workforce in two countries, we want to ensure that as we grow all our people can continue to be their authentic selves at work, where respect is fundamental and heartfelt. Our people feel the same, so in collaboration with colleagues from across the business at all levels, One Me, One Sigma was born.

The purpose of the programme is to ensure all our colleagues, communities and all demographics are empowered, educated, represented, protected, and aligned to our core values.

In addition to our diversity, inclusion, and equality programme, we recognise that our people are the heart of our business. It is our aim to create meaningful careers for them through training and leadership programmes as well as rewarding them with our industry leading benefits package.

Our Community

All our employees are given the opportunity to nominate local charities in their community to receive a donation from the Sigma Connected Community Foundation fund. Each quarter, up to three local charities both in the UK and in Cape Town, South Africa can benefit from a donation.

All UK-based employees can make a personal donation directly from their salaries to our nominated charity. We are currently supporting The Trussell Trust. Additionally, we support Birmingham Children’s Hospital with a monthly charitable donation.


Our environment Our environment

Our aim is to be carbon neutral before the end of 2030, and we are looking at the way we operate with less energy as well as investing in off-setting projects so we can achieve our goal.


In partnership with environmental charity Treedom, for each new member of the Sigma Connected team, we are giving a tree to farmers in Tanzania, Ecuador and Madagascar, as part of an agroforestry programme.

As part of this initiative, the Sigma Connected employees are given a virtual tree to plant in the Sigma Connected virtual forest. The gift recipient of each tree receives regular updates on what is achieved thanks to their commitment.

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