Improving NPS

Improving NPS

How we delivered an enhanced customer experience and improved the client’s NPS from -17 to +21

The challenge

A large client in the energy sector was struggling with a negative NPS score due to the poor service customers were receiving. They found that they were having to call multiple times in order to resolve their particular query.
The client needed a way to quickly turn the NPS detractors into promoters and they turned to Sigma Connected for help.

The solution

Initially, Sigma Connected looked at ways in which they could reduce the volume of traffic being channelled into the customer service department, which was clearly struggling with the volume and complexity of the calls. Sigma Connected worked with key account managers to reduce call transfers to customer services through the up-skilling of advisors in the account teams. Secondly, feedback was given on upstream issues (those that were driving volume calls) triggering process reviews. Finally all serious detractors (0 – 3 NPS scores) were called within an hour to improve their experience. Regular statistics were shared with advisors and perfect scores were shouted out.

The result

Sigma Connected’s actions resulted in an improved customer experience and radically improved the client’s NPS from -17 to +21.

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