Retail & ecommerce

Retail & ecommerce

Improving your customer experience
We have the flexibility and experience to help you succeed in a challenging and competitive marketplace.

High quality, flexible customer contact solutions

A consumer shift towards digital shopping has become a challenge for retailers. We can help you stay connected with your customers in a changing environment.

At Sigma Connected, we focus on people. Working in partnership with you and your customers across all communication channels, we can deliver high quality, flexible customer contact solutions.

Peak periods

We can ease the workload and ramp up your customer services, at speed, during busy periods, such as Black Friday or Christmas.

Quality customer service is essential, particularly during peak periods, and our experts can make all the difference in retaining and expanding your customer base. Our onshore and offshore outsourcing services are tailored to your processes, in line with your company’s brand values.

Benefits of our approach Benefits of our approach

We can deliver a complete end-to-end outsourcing solution from sales to late-stage collections. You can also utilise our expertise for support in particular areas such as complaint management and customer retention.

Our customer advisors are focused on the experience of your customers, while ensuring brand integrity is maintained at all times. We can demonstrate genuine improvements to customer satisfaction scores while you concentrate on your core business.

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