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Smart meters: A solution to the energy crisis

Are smart meters the solution to the energy crisis today? The UK government aims to install a smart meter in every UK household by 2025. According to the latest government figures, over 27.8 million smart or advanced metering systems have been installed so far. The smart meter rollout scheme was started in 2016 but stalled […]

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Speeding up smart meter installation

Speeding up smart meter installation Energy companies will likely appreciate the extra time the UK government has allowed for its smart meter rollout. However, it’s still crucial that companies make the installation process as simple and streamlined as possible to ensure that they meet the deadline, regardless of the extra time provided by the delay. […]

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The energy price cap and what it really means

The energy price cap and what it really means It’s a worrying time financially for millions of customers, with households in England, Scotland and Wales facing the steepest ever increase in bills amid a record rise in global gas prices. With the regulator Ofgem last week announcing an energy price cap rise of 54%, customers […]

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The importance of empathy during collections

The importance of empathy when collecting late payments Despite the ONS (Office for National Statistics) reporting that the UK unemployment rate fell to just 4.1% — a near pre-pandemic figure — inflation continues to take its toll on people’s wages, which have largely remained stagnant in the recent decade. With the cost of living and […]

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How Utility companies can leverage the advancements in the IoT industry for a better tomorrow

Due to industry-wide challenges and transformations, Utility companies are facing increasing pressures to adapt and leverage new technology to survive and succeed. Technological advancements, changing consumer needs, and the rise of the “prosumer” mean that the Utility landscape is changing drastically, so Utility companies need to change accordingly if they want to prosper. One of […]

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Distributed energy resources – the risk and opportunity for Australian Utility Companies of leveraging technology and delivering “service experiences”

Introduction Technology is changing the way businesses and companies operate and connect with customers. The energy sector is no different. The energy giants have also adopted newer technology and digitalisation in production, deployment, grid management and customer engagement. However, the pressing demand for service experiences has led the shift to distributed energy resources (DERs) and […]

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Article 2 – Increase in utility cost, pressure and expectations by Government and customers to reduce the cost to end consumer – requires a digital transformation in the utility Sector

The Australian Utility sector is on the cusp of a new era full of challenges and opportunities waiting to be unleashed. Adopting the latest technologies and going through an end-to-end digital transformation presents enormous possibilities. Yet, the challenges, pressures and expectations, whether from customers, rising energy costs, government policies and consumers who expect more for […]

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