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The implications of worsening conditions for the travel sector

The implications of worsening conditions for the travel sector We were all disappointed and perhaps a little shocked by the summer of chaos in 2022 for the travel industry. However, in hindsight, perhaps the whole situation was all too predictable. The hangover of the pandemic, which saw thousands of key workers leave the industry, left […]

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Top 7 retail customer services mistakes

The top 7 retail customer service mistakes that businesses make, and how to fix them When it comes to retail business success, customer service is critical. With the industry commanding a massive $23.7 trillion worldwide, buyers stick to brands they can trust. 58% of retail customers said customer service heavily influenced their decision to buy. […]

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Christmas customer service checklist

Christmas is coming: How to deal with an increase in customer service activity The average retailer experiences a 75% increase in customer service requests during the Christmas period. The uptick in enquiries over the holidays places enormous pressure on customer service teams each year. Preparing months in advance for the festive rush ensures that your […]

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How to Manage Changing Consumer Habits

How changing consumer habits affect recruitment in retail Consumers have shifted the way they shop, from the brands they choose and products they buy to how they pay for their purchases. As consumer habits and expectations change, businesses may struggle to find the people they need to meet the demand, particularly in customer services. This […]

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How To Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

From ‘good’ to ‘great’: How to start delivering exceptional customer service 10 Jun 2022 The energy sector is currently facing existential challenges. Though wholesale gas prices have gone up, price caps are forcing suppliers to sell at a loss. Consumers are also increasingly worried as new inflation highs mean they’re still struggling to make ends […]

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Connecting with customers in financial difficulty

Connecting with customers in financial difficulty Assisting people experiencing financial difficulties has always been a core part of customer service, and today is no different. The lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the rising costs of basic commodities due both to the war in Ukraine and to Brexit, mean that consumers everywhere are […]

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Handling customer complaints in Financial Services

How to Handle Handling an Increase in Customer Complaints in Financial Services With UK inflation expected to be 7.25%,  7.5% in the EU, and 2.1% in Australia, living costs worldwide are rising dramatically. As a result, money is tighter for many financial services customers, and they will likely become more protective of their funds. Due […]

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Helping customers pay on time: Our top 3 approaches

Helping customers pay on time: our top 3 approaches Over 50,000 SME businesses go bust each year due to problems caused by late payments. Therefore, businesses that rely on regular payments from customers to stay afloat must ensure that those payments arrive on time. To help companies prevent late payments from impacting them negatively, we’ll […]

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