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A new year needs a new outlook

A new year needs a new outlook The start of a new year often gives the opportunity to not only reflect on the previous 12 months, but to set targets to meet the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead. Here at Sigma Connected, looking back on 2022 stirs a variety of emotions. It was hugely […]

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How to Manage Changing Consumer Habits

How changing consumer habits affect recruitment in retail Consumers have shifted the way they shop, from the brands they choose and products they buy to how they pay for their purchases. As consumer habits and expectations change, businesses may struggle to find the people they need to meet the demand, particularly in customer services. This […]

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How To Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

From ‘good’ to ‘great’: How to start delivering exceptional customer service 10 Jun 2022 The energy sector is currently facing existential challenges. Though wholesale gas prices have gone up, price caps are forcing suppliers to sell at a loss. Consumers are also increasingly worried as new inflation highs mean they’re still struggling to make ends […]

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Help your customers: 5 ways to deal with debt

Help your customers: 5 ways to deal with debt The cost of living has skyrocketed in the early months of 2022. In the UK, the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) — the primary measure of inflation — hit 7% in March 2022, the highest rate since March 1992. CPI also climbed to 8.5% in the US, […]

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