Ethics & Fraud Hotline

Ethics & Fraud Hotline

To assist organisations in combating fraud and corruption, Sigma Connected has launched an Ethics & Fraud Hotline.

In 2022, Sigma Connected acquired Advance Call, who bring 21 years of experience in the Ethics & Fraud Hotline space to the group. By utilising their existing systems and experience, Sigma Connected has expanded it’s suite of services and will deliver best in industry fraud mitigation practices.

What we provide

  • a completely independent, professionally run hotline
  • seven dedicated communication channels for reporting disclosures
  • continuous service — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • trained staff with extensive interviewing experience
  • multilingual capability
  • anonymous reporting
  • guaranteed confidentiality of information
  • proprietary solution software, with instant access to information and real-time reports


Ethically Recommended

The King IV Code of Corporate Governance strongly recommends all organisations to have a whistleblowing mechanism in place to establish an ethical corporate culture.


Reduce Fraud Losses

Tip-offs are the primary method of fraud detection. Employees contribute to more than 50% of tip-offs, and fraud losses are 50% smaller at organisations with whistleblowing hotlines.

Increase Employee Trust

By utilising an independent service provider to facilitate whistleblowing for your employees, you provide them with a sense of security and therefore build trust.

The Sigma Connected Ethics & Fraud Hotline is:

  • a Safeline-Ex service provider certified by The Ethics Institute

  • ISO 9001 certified for operating a Quality Management System

  • a member of CCMG (Contact Centre Management Group)

  • a member of BPESA (Business Process Enabling South Africa)

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