Customer experience management

Customer experience management

Providing the best customer experience
We can deliver a wide range of customer service contact solutions for you.

Customer experience is key

The ways in which customers choose to communicate has dramatically changed over the last five years.

With traditional contact channels now supported by digital communications, your customers will expect to reach you on their preferred channel at a time that works for them.

While technology has a large role to play, great customer service delivered by humans is crucial as well, whatever the stage of the customer lifecycle.

We have extensive experience in using both digital channels and customer service agents to deliver amazing omnichannel customer experiences and call center outsourcing services which are a true reflection of your brand.

Complaint management services

Effectively dealing with complaints from customers is an opportunity for you to reduce customer churn and improve business processes.

Sigma Connected has extensive complaint management expertise

We can provide you with a range of effective complaint management services, including access to our senior team with industry expertise in specific sectors.

Our focus on compliance, training and development of staff allows you to focus your attention on other areas of your business.

Traditional contact channels

Complaint administration and bespoke systems

We have developed a complaint management platform that can be adapted to suit your individual needs. This can be integrated into your existing systems or can operate as a ‘stand alone’ platform.

Customer services

Complaint handling process

We can provide you with highly trained customer service agents to ensure good complaint handling services are conducted on your behalf, dealing with long-term and short-term customer issues.

The types of complaints we handle include:
  • BAU complaints
  • Escalated complaints
  • Ombudsman complaints
  • Executive level complaints

Root cause analysis

Understanding the trends in the complaints you receive, and then acting on this information to rectify operational processes, is crucial in solving problems in the longer term. We can both advise on and manage this process for you. In addition, our complaint management platform provides an audit trail of activity and can assist either us or you in identifying root causes.

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Day 1 complaint handling

The effective early handling of complaints helps to retain loyal customers. It reduces the burden on specialised complaint handling teams, who should be more focused on escalated and complex issues. Our complaint management experience and expertise allows us to find a solution and close many of your complaints at source.


  • Improve customer loyalty – We can help you increase customer loyalty by improving communication and creating a one-on-one relationship with your customers.
  • Improved Quality – Well-trained, experienced customer service advisors can handle a wide variety of your customers’ queries. This reduces the need to transfer calls and will improve the customer experience.
  • Seamless contact channel integration – As experts in customer contact, we can pivot between contact channels without losing conversation history, improving the overall experience for your customers.
  • Reduce customer churn – Customers whose complaints have been successfully resolved are more likely to stick around

If you’re looking to compliment your customer experience management with expert outsourced solutions, it’s time to get in touch with the Sigma Connected team.

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