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Why South African businesses should consider outsourcing

Why South African businesses should consider outsourcing In the current South African economy, all businesses should be looking at ways to increase their productivity or lower their costs whilst maintaining or increasing customer satisfaction levels. In this eBook, we look at the reasons for outsourcing certain business functions and the benefits that you can derive […]

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How To Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

From ‘good’ to ‘great’: How to start delivering exceptional customer service 10 Jun 2022 The energy sector is currently facing existential challenges. Though wholesale gas prices have gone up, price caps are forcing suppliers to sell at a loss. Consumers are also increasingly worried as new inflation highs mean they’re still struggling to make ends […]

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Helping customers pay on time: Our top 3 approaches

Helping customers pay on time: our top 3 approaches Over 50,000 SME businesses go bust each year due to problems caused by late payments. Therefore, businesses that rely on regular payments from customers to stay afloat must ensure that those payments arrive on time. To help companies prevent late payments from impacting them negatively, we’ll […]

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The importance of empathy during collections

The importance of empathy when collecting late payments Despite the ONS (Office for National Statistics) reporting that the UK unemployment rate fell to just 4.1% — a near pre-pandemic figure — inflation continues to take its toll on people’s wages, which have largely remained stagnant in the recent decade. With the cost of living and […]

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Bring back the human element

Where did the human in ‘human touch’ go? The path towards a truly customer-centric service with a genuine human touch can be a challenging one. This is especially the case if your company doesn’t have a comprehensive plan in place to embed Human Experience in every area of customer service. In this whitepaper, we discuss […]

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What does the customer experience of the future look like?

What does the customer experience of the future look like? Did you know that once a provider loses a customer, 68% of them won’t return? Aside from a few exceptions, most top brands won’t be able to maintain their status as market leaders based solely on their products and services anymore. Now, more than ever, […]

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