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The implications of worsening conditions for the travel sector

The implications of worsening conditions for the travel sector We were all disappointed and perhaps a little shocked by the summer of chaos in 2022 for the travel industry. However, in hindsight, perhaps the whole situation was all too predictable. The hangover of the pandemic, which saw thousands of key workers leave the industry, left […]

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Top 7 retail customer services mistakes

The top 7 retail customer service mistakes that businesses make, and how to fix them When it comes to retail business success, customer service is critical. With the industry commanding a massive $23.7 trillion worldwide, buyers stick to brands they can trust. 58% of retail customers said customer service heavily influenced their decision to buy. […]

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Christmas customer service checklist

Christmas is coming: How to deal with an increase in customer service activity The average retailer experiences a 75% increase in customer service requests during the Christmas period. The uptick in enquiries over the holidays places enormous pressure on customer service teams each year. Preparing months in advance for the festive rush ensures that your […]

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How to Manage Changing Consumer Habits

How changing consumer habits affect recruitment in retail Consumers have shifted the way they shop, from the brands they choose and products they buy to how they pay for their purchases. As consumer habits and expectations change, businesses may struggle to find the people they need to meet the demand, particularly in customer services. This […]

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Impact Sourcing Q&A with Scott Evans

Impact Sourcing Q&A with Scott Evans Sigma Connected is a business with a conscience. And at a time when the number of people in the UK deemed to be living in poverty is soaring amid the cost-of-living crisis – our commitment to recruiting employees through Impact Sourcing is crucial – an initiative that sees the […]

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Smart meters: A solution to the energy crisis

Are smart meters the solution to the energy crisis today? The UK government aims to install a smart meter in every UK household by 2025. According to the latest government figures, over 27.8 million smart or advanced metering systems have been installed so far. The smart meter rollout scheme was started in 2016 but stalled […]

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Speeding up smart meter installation

Speeding up smart meter installation Energy companies will likely appreciate the extra time the UK government has allowed for its smart meter rollout. However, it’s still crucial that companies make the installation process as simple and streamlined as possible to ensure that they meet the deadline, regardless of the extra time provided by the delay. […]

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Connecting with customers in financial difficulty

Connecting with customers in financial difficulty Assisting people experiencing financial difficulties has always been a core part of customer service, and today is no different. The lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the rising costs of basic commodities due both to the war in Ukraine and to Brexit, mean that consumers everywhere are […]

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Beating recruitment problems in today’s industry

How to overcome recruitment problems in today’s financial industry The financial sector is currently experiencing high staff shortages and attrition following the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the most recent statistics from the recruitment technology provider Broadbean, the number of professionals applying for new jobs fell 37% between February 2021 and February 2022, while vacancies spiked […]

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Help your customers: 5 ways to deal with debt

Help your customers: 5 ways to deal with debt The cost of living has skyrocketed in the early months of 2022. In the UK, the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) — the primary measure of inflation — hit 7% in March 2022, the highest rate since March 1992. CPI also climbed to 8.5% in the US, […]

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