How we work

How we work

We believe that proving ourselves is the best way to forge a trustworthy relationship with our partners.
Therefore we implement a proof of concept phase in each new endeavor. Once you are happy with the performance of our service, we roll out to the scale you desire.

For us, putting you, our client first is key,

and by remaining relatable and accessible we are able to connect and ensure a great experience for you and your customers.

We recognise that every business is unique…

…and we pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients to deliver the customer experience their customers want. Many individuals in our management team have worked in client customer service operations and understand the challenges and pressures that you face day to day. They ensure the service we are delivering is specifically tailored to meet yours and your customers’ needs.

We focus on improving the customer experience constantly through our partnership with you by understanding behaviours through the use of data and analytics, focusing on quality assurance, training and developing our team further to best serve your needs.

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Our clients include:

When you outsource your customer contact to us, we add in a powerful data analytics and insight service on top. We have a team of expert performance analysts tracking real time operational performance data. Using the Power BI reporting suite, the team can identify immediate issues, as well as look at performance and spot patterns over longer periods of time.

At Sigma Connected, we are different, we don’t just fire out reports. The team continually analyses the data to get to the heart of what is driving patterns, and we can then give you a root cause analysis of how the service can be improved. This isn’t a one-off, we will provide this service right through our relationship with you, finding bespoke solutions..

We operate in true partnership with our clients, where nothing is hidden, and that goes for our data and analytics service too. We give you access to SigmaNet, our single point of entry reporting system which allows you to see what we see in real time. We believe this level of transparency is essential in order to build a lasting relationship.

Managing and validating the conversations advisors hold with customers daily is a vital and challenging element of running a contact centre. We weave quality monitoring into everything we do, enabling us to continuously improve service quality and customer experience.

Sigma has an experienced and independent Quality Assurance team that carries out quality assessments, not only within our own customer contact centres, but also yours, if you would like.

The Quality Assurance team link their findings with our dedicated training and development team, ensuring all our advisors’ skills are constantly developed and improved.

To constantly grow and evolve is in our DNA as a company, and our strong learning and development programme is central to that approach. This programme ensures new front-line customer advisors have a comprehensive and engaging induction process, as well as a longer-term career development programme.

We also deliver ongoing quality assurance and assessment on all customer conversations we carry out on behalf of your organisation to make sure we’re delivering the best customer experience we can.

When you sign up for our customer services solution, we don’t just settle back and keep delivering the same. Even if we’re consistently hitting our KPIs, we’re always reviewing what we’re delivering and how we can make the service even better for your customers.

On top of regular quality monitoring and assurance, we have an in-house specialist quality coaching team. Using trend analysis, the team looks at all the data across a client campaign and picks out trends and issues that might otherwise fly under the radar. We can then pinpoint the issue and step in quickly with a targeted group coaching session designed to resolve it. The coaching team then works alongside our training team to revisit the induction programme and identify improvements that would prevent that issue happening again.

This continuous feedback loop between quality and training ensures that our staff are always learning and the service to our clients is always improving.

Our clients put their trust in us to take care of their customers and we work hard to ensure we deliver above and beyond.

Relying on our flexibility and agility, we’re able to give our full attention to every client and every contract, throughout the duration of that partnership.

We are driven to provide the same energy and effort to current, long-standing clients as we do to winning new ones, and we believe a ‘good’ customer experience can always be made better.

Ensuring a process of continuous improvement, we rely on our Measure, Feedback, Improve, Act approach.

  • Measure
    Using data analytics we monitor and quality assess our service for anomalies, weaknesses and/or opportunities to improve.
  • Feedback
    We design solutions to address these and share with our clients to put them into action.
  • Improve
    The solutions are tested and piloted to determine success.
  • Act
    The solutions are rolled out, backed by real time analytics for ongoing monitoring.

  • Omni Channel – delivering effortless multi-channel customer experiences
  • Unified Agent Desktop – single interface showing account history across all channels
  • Dialler agnostic – allowing us to use the best system to suit your needs
  • Smart Routing – delivering contacts to advisors based on relevant experience
  • Channel Pivoting – switching channels in-flight without restarting the conversation automation – inc. intelligent auto-responses and suggested canned responses
  • Speech Analytics – for quality control and to identify dissatisfaction/complaints
  • Full POPIA / OFCOM/ PCI Compliance – working to latest requirements

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