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Smart meters: A solution to the energy crisis

Are smart meters the solution to the energy crisis today? The UK government aims to install a smart meter in every UK household by 2025. According to the latest government figures, over 27.8 million smart or advanced metering systems have been installed so far. The smart meter rollout scheme was started in 2016 but stalled […]

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Speeding up smart meter installation

Speeding up smart meter installation Energy companies will likely appreciate the extra time the UK government has allowed for its smart meter rollout. However, it’s still crucial that companies make the installation process as simple and streamlined as possible to ensure that they meet the deadline, regardless of the extra time provided by the delay. […]

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How To Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

From ‘good’ to ‘great’: How to start delivering exceptional customer service 10 Jun 2022 The energy sector is currently facing existential challenges. Though wholesale gas prices have gone up, price caps are forcing suppliers to sell at a loss. Consumers are also increasingly worried as new inflation highs mean they’re still struggling to make ends […]

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Connecting with customers in financial difficulty

Connecting with customers in financial difficulty Assisting people experiencing financial difficulties has always been a core part of customer service, and today is no different. The lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the rising costs of basic commodities due both to the war in Ukraine and to Brexit, mean that consumers everywhere are […]

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