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Why 24/7 customer service is important – by Jordan Shaw

Why 24/7 customer service is important – by Jordan Shaw 24/7 customer service ensures your customers are receiving support and assistance around the clock, whenever they need it. In today’s constantly connected world, customer expectations are higher than ever, with the rise of technology and omnichannel support giving customers the ability to communicate with businesses […]

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Complaints Management Overview

Complaints Management Overview Customer complaints are, unfortunately, something that every business faces from time to time. But complaints don’t have to be seen as a huge negative – if you have the right complaint management process in place, it can be a fantastic opportunity to refine your product or service, improve your customers’ experience, and […]

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Our Collections Ecosystem

Our Collections Ecosystem Watch our video on how Sigma Connected can help you throughout the whole collections and recoveries cycle. Our payment collection solutions provide your customers with a level of care and attention that goes beyond the norm. It can be a difficult subject to approach with customers, so engaging in a way that’s […]

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Where did the human in ‘human touch’ go?

Where did the human in ‘human touch’ go? To thrive, every company must become an empathetic, human-centered organization. This paper discusses the human element of customer service, and how your customers want it more than you think. Download the whitepaper today

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