How human touch customer service improves loyalty and retention

Human touch customer service has never been more important. When it comes to your customers, providing a personalized and attentive experience is key. With automated technologies offering improved efficiency and round-the-clock support, the challenge now is to ensure that meaningful connections are still being created when they are needed. The solution? Human touch.

At Sigma Connected, we are a people company. Alongside digital solutions, we recognize that real human interactions are pivotal to delivering effective customer service that truly makes a difference. That’s why maintaining that element of human touch is central to our outsourced customer service offering.

In this article, we will explore how a human touch can help to build trust with your customers and, in turn, increase customer loyalty and retention.

Personalized problem resolution

Nowadays, around 66% of customers expect companies to understand and accommodate their needs. Chatbots and self-service knowledge bases simply don’t provide that same level of personalization, regardless of their efficiency. This is where the power of human touch becomes invaluable – you need a team of real people giving real-time responses.

Every customer’s circumstance is unique. This demands more of a tailored approach to problem-solving, with skilled representatives who practice active listening and empathetic communication techniques. But providing attentive customer service at scale is difficult, especially when your team is handling a high influx of inquiries.

Your customers will have a preferred contact channel – whether that’s social media, live chats, or simply picking up the phone. They are expecting consistency across the board, so how you respond to their issue matters. By providing in-depth training programs that emphasize the importance of empathy, as well as empowering your employees to become the voice of your brand, your team is better equipped to create a personalized experience for customers.

To truly leverage the power of human touch in your problem-resolution processes, you’ll need to invest the necessary time and resources.

Support for vulnerable customers

Vulnerable customers often require an extra level of support. Generally speaking, this group will find it more difficult to build trust with a brand. This can be due to a variety of factors, including communication barriers or any previous negative experiences. If they don’t feel heard or cared for, they will be less likely to engage with your organization and you will lose a customer. That’s why establishing an emotional connection is so crucial.

Alongside practical assistance, representatives will need to demonstrate compassion and an understanding of that customer’s specific needs. This can help to alleviate any anxiety or frustration, enabling your team to get to the bottom of the issue.

Each interaction should center around relationship building. In today’s highly competitive landscape, encouraging your customers to return is essential to the long-term survival of your business. This can be even harder with more vulnerable individuals. Elements of human touch, therefore, need to form some part of the customer service process.

We specialize in vulnerable customer management, with experienced customer advisors who help a wide range of businesses foster positive relationships and increase retention rates. Sound like something you need? Get in touch today.

Memorable customer experiences

A recent study found that just one bad experience is enough to stop 32% of customers from investing in a brand they love. Put simply, customer satisfaction is central to establishing a loyal following. If your customers aren’t happy, they will likely begin to look elsewhere. It’s all down to the human factor…

The aim is to leave a lasting positive impression, encouraging that customer to return through proactive problem-solving and emotional engagement. Yes, utilizing omnichannel technology to keep up with demand and stay competitive with 24/7 availability is key. However, ensuring friendly, consistent, and attentive service is delivered at every touchpoint is equally important.

Further to this, the human touch aspect of customer service can go a long way in bolstering your brand image. When taking a digital-first approach, it becomes difficult to convey company values, such as transparency, respect, and accountability. Operating on the front line of your business, your customer service agents double as brand ambassadors and play a pivotal role in how your brand is represented.

For example, although a chatbot can respond to more generic requests, a human being is able to resolve complex or niche issues. When it comes to effective complaint management, an agent can tailor the interaction to accommodate that customer’s specific requirements. This ensures fair treatment and presents your company as trustworthy. Although this is essential throughout the customer lifecycle, it is especially vital when handling newer customers who may be less familiar with your product or service. This group is harder to impress than those that have been loyal to your brand for years, putting pressure on those initial encounters.
In a tech-dominated world, people have instant access to endless online rankings and reviews. More than ever, what other people think has a significant influence on customers’ decision-making. This makes maintaining a positive brand image even more important, and your customer service offering is central to this.

Digital-first vs human-first customer service – which is more effective?

Well, both! The trick is to find the right balance between human interactions and digital solutions.

Customers are looking for a speedy and specialized service. They want quick responses to their questions but an agent who understands their unique needs and is compassionate in their approach. As a company, providing customer service that ticks all these boxes is tricky (to say the least).

Of course, you need to have the right technology in place. But this can only achieve so much – human beings can understand emotions and demonstrate empathy in a way that AI software simply can’t.

While technology acts as a support tool, human beings are particularly important for customer retention. Automated responses capture the common queries, giving your agents time to resolve larger issues and focus on building loyalty.

Leverage the power of human touch with Sigma Connected

Outsourcing your customer service to industry specialists has endless benefits. It cuts down on unnecessary recruitment and training costs, whilst ensuring each of your customers enjoys a positive experience.

Our highly skilled professionals can successfully resolve a diverse range of customer queries and are a dab hand at delivering compassionate service that goes above and beyond.
Whether you’re a small business or running a global operation, you can count on us to deliver round-the-clock customer service that improves your customer loyalty and retention rates.

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