Quality assurance – Using technology to maximise human performance

Quality assurance

Using technology to maximize human performance


A South African Mobile Virtual Operator (MVNO) required 100% of its sales customer interactions to be evaluated for compliance with business rules and legislative requirements to mitigate risk and improve customer experience by speeding up fulfilment processes, whilst generating internal cost efficiencies.

The desired outcome:

Automate Quality Assurance and/or increase QA efficiency.

Targeted Benchmarks:

100% increase in QA “activities” per agent – where an agent is currently doing 7 QA evaluations per hour – targeting 14 QA evaluations per hour as a benchmark to achieve.

This is to be accomplished by a combination of:

  • QA Automation – 50% of QA confirmation script to be fully automated, requiring no agent intervention.
  • QA Fast-tracking – The identification of the position of specific expected phrases (that are not able to be fully automated) within interactions to direct agents to only listen to specific portions of interactions.


By implementing the Nexidia Speech Analytics solution, the client was able to develop an automated ingestion process for up to 100% of customer sales interactions and associated metadata from outsourced acquisition partners into the Nexidia Technology.

We also created queries, target media sets, scorecards and workflows to fully automate in excess of 50% of the confirmation script and visually represent the location of specific phrases within interactions.

We also built customized evaluation forms to evaluate interactions against metadata where automation is not possible.


The combination of QA evaluation automation and fast-tracking resulted in a reduction of average time to complete an evaluation from 12 minutes 50 seconds per evaluation to 5 minutes and 5 seconds per evaluation – an efficiency improvement in excess of 250%.

In addition, the application of the speech analytics technology was able to:

  • Automatically identify interactions linked to specific business objectives and key performance areas.
  • Categorise expected agent responses and behaviours.
  • Provide dashboards for personalized views of each sales agent’s strengths and development areas across all interactions.
  • Result in an overall improvement in the efficiency of the quality programme and reduce the effort required to complete quality evaluation forms.

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