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We are Sigma Connected

We are Sigma Connected As an outsourcing partner, we provide white-label customer contact and service centre solutions. But at Sigma Connected, we do things a little bit differently.

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Complaints Management Overview

Complaints Management Overview Customer complaints are, unfortunately, something that every business faces from time to time. But complaints don’t have to be seen as a huge negative – if you have the right complaint management process in place, it can be a fantastic opportunity to refine your product or service, improve your customers’ experience, and […]

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Non-household Water – Customer lifecycle

Non-household Water – Customer lifecycle At Sigma Connected, we know how competitive the non-household water market can be – and why standout customer service is more important than ever. That’s why we put our in-house industry knowledge and experience to work, helping you stay Ofwat compliant, maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction, gain and […]

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Cape Town shines in global business services by Ryan Strategic Advisory

Cape Town shines in global business services by Ryan Strategic Advisory Cape Town is already a well-established hub for global business services, thanks to its large English-speaking talent pool, cost advantages, time-zone alignment, and rich ecosystem.Now though, its value proposition is improving. A growing set of companies from North America are establishing operations in the […]

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10 Key customer service principles

10 Key customer service principles Strong customer service principles are core to any company – and, in terms of customer expectations, the customer experience is often a key factor in winning repeat customers or losing them. With the field of customer service being so broad, we’re narrowing the best practices down to 10 key principles. […]

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