The changing face of retail: how to deliver customer service in the digital age

Competition has steadily been heating up in the retail sector for some time.
Customer preference toward online shopping is expected to continue as total worldwide sales are forecast to surpass $30 trillion (USD) by 2025.
At the same time, retailers are also contending with shifting consumer tastes as sustainability becomes more important in major markets like the UK and US. If things weren’t hard enough, rocky supply chains and labour shortages are placing further pressure on stores’ ability to deliver the best customer service to their community.
Senior leaders must adapt and learn how to thrive in the digital age if they’re to navigate these problems successfully. In this paper, we’ll explore the changes in consumer behaviour over time and discuss what leading retailers can do to grow their market position.

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• What changes has the retail industry faced over the last decade?
• How to thrive in the digital age
• What does customer service in the digital age look like?

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