How to deal with customer complaints

Knowing how to deal with customer complaints effectively is a cornerstone of customer service. As a business, you will inevitably face unhappy customers. It’s how you respond that matters the most. Whether it’s a small concern or an ongoing issue, complaints often indicate a disconnect between customer expectations and what has been delivered. Failure to address them promptly and with sensitivity will only escalate the problem and, ultimately, lead to the loss of a customer and revenue. So, addressing them in the correct way can often turn a negative into a positive. Maintaining positive customer relationships is fundamental to your long-term success, making it even more important to prioritise good complaint management.

And knowing how to respond to complaints is only half the battle, you also need to be able to resolve them so all parties are satisfied. This is a tricky and time-consuming task, especially if you have limited resources at your disposal.

At Sigma Connected, we are experts in all things complaint management. Balancing customer analytics with a compassionate approach, we aim to resolve at least 90% of complaints at first contact. With our carefully considered process, your system will be streamlined and your customer satisfaction will improve, boosting customer loyalty and increasing referrals which both add huge value to the business.

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How to deal with customer complaints – our top tips and techniques

The ability to share experiences with a wider audience, through the popular use of social media and online reviews, has given customers more and more power. This not only gives greater visibility to negative feedback, with the potential of damaging your reputation and brand image, but it holds greater influence over potential customers. Responding well to complaints is therefore critical and, as a business owner, making your customers feel heard and valued should be at the top of your list.

Understand the different types of customers

Customer complaint resolution is not one-size-fits-all – there are multiple types of customers out there and each will be motivated by different beliefs and needs. With this being said, to effectively resolve the situation, your customer service team needs to be able to tailor their approach. For instance, active listening is often the best approach for assertive or even angry customers. In comparison, more reserved customers are looking for you to guide them through the process and you may need to solicit their responses. In both instances, being empathetic and creating an emotional connection with your customers should be at the forefront. To achieve this, you need agents with good emotional intelligence and who can consider each individual situation they respond to.

To the untrained eye, or ear, every customer query may seem the same. Far from it! Being able to recognise each customer’s expectations and communication style will ensure the conversation runs smoothly and the complaint is resolved.

Why Sigma Connected?

Our customer service representatives have a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with complaints, in both a voice and non-voice format. Regardless of the situation, you can count on us to provide the highest standard of service, transforming the outcome and encouraging retention.

Offer rapid resolutions

Disgruntled customers are not only difficult to navigate but they can be expensive. The key is to solve as many complaints as possible at first contact. If you want to reduce the cost per complaint, you need to dedicate plenty of resources to the initial stage of the process, where customers are the most receptive. The longer the complaint is left, the more the customer is likely to become dissatisfied, making it much harder to resolve and turn into a positive.

A poor customer experience can make or break your relationship with a customer, with a staggering 61% of customers stating that they would switch to another brand altogether. Offering a speedy solution can reduce customer churn and help you hold onto your customer base.

Why Sigma Connected?

With a game-changing methodology and the support of omnichannel customer service software, we have a track record of resolving complaints quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re scaling your business and are unable to keep up with demand, you’re struggling to reach successful resolutions on your own, or you need access to experts in complaint handling to improve resolution rates, our outsourced complaint management is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Become a brand ambassador

Yes, technology can help to automate and improve the efficiency of your complaint management system for faster resolutions. However, in the digital age, human touch is more valued than ever. One in three customers stated that just one bad experience is enough to put them off a brand for good, so it’s important to get it right. By demonstrating empathy and having a meaningful conversation with your customers, you can start to rebuild trust and improve customer retention.  

Taking this one step further, your customer service agents should double as brand ambassadors. As the front line of communication between your customers and your company, it is vital that they can both resolve the complaint successfully and create a memorable experience. After all, when a customer reaches out with a concern, they are not just seeking a solution – they are also looking for a positive interaction with your business.

Why Sigma Connected?

Effectively managing complaints is only part of the puzzle – customer service is central to your success as a business and your customers are expecting a consistent and personalised experience. That’s where we come in. Working in partnership with you, we go the extra mile to ensure our customer support team is seamlessly integrated into your business. From ongoing training to quality assurance, we are passionate about representing your company to the highest standard.

Find the positives

We recognise that complaints can be disheartening. But where would you be without them? Essential to your growth as a business, negative feedback provides an opportunity to optimise your offering and prevent future issues from arising. Adopting a customer-centric approach by handling complaints with care and flexibility can help to build a strong business reputation and expand your customer base.

Why Sigma Connected?

When you choose Sigma Connected, we will help you turn difficult customers into loyal customers. Using innovative analytics to identify key trends, we are able to look into the route cause of complaints and inform operations of changes they can make to solve any further issues.

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