Sigma Connected donates £5,000 to help vulnerable people at Christmas

Business process outsourcing provider Sigma Connected has donated £5,000 worth of supermarket vouchers to 50 financially vulnerable people to help them cope with the expensive Christmas period.

Sigma, which offers ‘white label’ customer contact centre services across the energy, water, retail, financial services and telecommunications sectors, has given £100 vouchers to 50 people identified through its ground-breaking ReachOut initiative which supports customers who are struggling to manage their bills due to financial, mental health or other personal issues.

The company launched ReachOut in 2020 with the initiative gaining international recognition and winning countless awards over the past two years for how it has assisted and signposted vulnerable people to access the best possible support with a range of charities.

Gary Gilburd, CEO of Sigma Connected Group said: “I am proud that alongside our clients we are a business which is aware and acts on the big issues affecting people and communities.

“Our ReachOut initiative is part of that. It is unique as it allows our Pathfinder team to successfully engage with hundreds of people every week who are struggling to pay their bills. They are people we help to get back on track and therefore we asked the team to identify 50 people who they felt a £100 supermarket voucher would help.

“Christmas is a special time but more than anything, I hope it makes things that little bit easier for people we know have had a tough time coping personally, financially or mentally.”

Sigma Connected is headquartered in Birmingham. It offers contact centre services from its offices across the UK, South Africa and Australia.


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