Celebrating Growth – Mogamat Tauriq Williams

After three years with Sigma Connected, Mogamat Tauriq Williams has made a significant impact in the positions he has held, and he now plays a key leadership role as Service Delivery Manager: Operations.

With a background as a call centre team leader, Mogamat focussed on developing sufficient skills to take the next step in his career, and his hard work paid off when he joined Sigma in 2019.

“Joining Sigma was the right choice. Not only does the company display growth, but they listen and actively do things to make the working environment better for the majority,” he says.

By building strong professional relationships, Mogamat was able to grow within Sigma, promoting unity and creating a team environment.

The secret to his success thus far, he says, has been his ability to lead with authenticity, passion and true character in order to achieve desired objectives.

Looking ahead, Mogamat aims to continue striving for excellence while relying on his creativity to ensure progress, which he hopes will help him keep climbing the ladder and create opportunities for others to do the same.

“It takes at least one person to believe and invest in your capabilities to move up the ladder. I was fortunate enough for someone to trust in my decisions, allowing me to embed my creative thinking and to execute,” he says.

“I am at a level where I’m able to inspire on a different level, create opportunities for people who work alongside me and impact those who want to develop the same skills I attained.”


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