Celebrating Growth – Jennelle Cleophas

Meet Jennelle Cleophas, a facilities administrator who has been promoted to governance assurance associate. Jennelle has more than 9 years experience within the BPO and publishing industry and substantial knowledge in sales, facilities, and corporate governance.

Jenelle’s career began in 2013 as a marketing assistant in the publishing industry after completing her diploma in business management. During her tenure Jennelle was responsible for managing the sales team, implementing

In 2015 Jenelle joined Sanclare Financial services (now known as Sigma Connected) as a sales agent. After 2 years in the operations space and showing potential for growth she was given an opportunity to join the business support department as a facilities administrator where she showed her ability to be versatile by displaying her ability to manage various tasks while still completing her core responsibilities.

After 3 years with Sigma Connected Jennelle made the decision to leave for an opportunity in the telecommunications industry. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 she was retrenched in 2021 but was welcomed back by Sigma Connected as a facilities specialist administrator on a three-month fixed term contract. Within this time Jenelle proved to Sigma that she is indeed an asset to the business and was offered a permanent position in the business support department.
Jenelle has now been with Sigma for just over six months and has been promoted to governance assurance associate.

“I look forward to this new journey as I believe that I have the right attitude and work ethic to drive the core values of our organization” As you move up to the next level of your career, keep in mind that there will be many
obstacles, but we know you will conquer everything with your hard work and determination. Congratulations Jennelle!