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Finding the right balance for your customer service

Trust Sigma Connected as your outsourced call centre and put your CX strategy on the right side of robotic.

Delivering human-centric customer experiences

We know digital has its place in a CX strategy – for those simple queries, it’s quicker, easier and cheaper. But when a query is more complex, there’s no replacement for a human being.

It’s all about finding the perfect balance between automation and real-life communication.

So how human is your customer service strategy?
Take the test and find out.

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    Balancing artificial intelligence with customer intelligence

    Customer service outsourcing with Sigma Connected is an extension of your brand. We’re committed to giving
    your customers the experience they deserve, and work hard to build loyalty through kindness, support and care.


    We make it our mission to understand your offering inside and out to make sure we’re delivering a consistently exceptional customer experience.


    By leveraging insightful customer data, we tailor our approach to make each individual caller feel valued.

    Quick response times Insight

    Long wait times impact on satisfaction, so our representatives are on-hand to provide round-the-clock support.

    Expert complaint management

    Supporting dissatisfied customers is essential to good customer service – and we have a proven track record in achieving high levels of resolution.

    Vulnerable customer care

    Our advisors receive extensive training in identifying and proactively connecting with vulnerable customers to give them the support they need.

    The Support to Scale Up

    Resource from Sigma Connected gives you the flexibility in staffing to meet customer needs, particularly during peak periods.

    Customer service outsourcing in action


    A leading-name household energy company


    After introducing their Chatbot, the client noticed a lot of customer drop-offs halfway through the process.


    A call-back option for any customers who hadn’t got what they needed from the Chatbot. The Sigma Connected Customer Experience team are on-hand to contact these customers within 3 hours.


    An average of 1,300 calls are handled every month – which spiked to 3,000 in October following the government’s price cap announcement. It’s a great example of how digital elements and humans work hand-in-hand to deliver effective customer service.

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