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The power of caring – energy debt in a covid world

Financial hardship and energy debt  Covid-19, for many people, is about to have a far greater impact than health worries, concern for vulnerable relatives and curtailment of freedoms. Perhaps the most worrying, and uncontrollable consequence has yet to be fully felt – that of unemployment and loss of earnings. With 9.6 million people so far furloughed […]

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Proud of our guys

Over the last few years we have shaved, jumped, cycled, baked and run all in the name of great causes……. ….Corporate social responsibility (csr) might just be on its last legs So over the last few weeks I’ve been on the receiving end of a real dose of humility from our staff. Like many companies, […]

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We must be good…or are we……..

We always have to keep just the right mix of great people and great tech These certainly are exciting times and for the geeks amongst us, we are getting to spend a good amount of our working lives talking about and playing with ever cooler bits of tech. Even though we might look like a […]

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