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Our client, a leading telecoms company in SA, tasked us to increase their client retention % and new business sales, with specific targets set out by the client for these campaigns.

  • Lead to Sale conversion rate of 10% on the Retention Campaign better known as “Upgrade Campaign”
  • Lead File conversion rate of 18% on the Retention Campaign better known as “Upgrade Campaign”
  • New Business Sales Per Day per salesperson (SPD) of 1.5


Sigma Connected set up a different operating model with 4 teams of experienced sales consultants, 3 teams for the Retention Campaign and 1 team for the New Business Campaign.

We provided individuals with high levels of skill and knowledge, to ensure that the client’s reputation for a positive customer experience was maintained throughout the process.

Our staff engagement, performance KPIs, recruitment, staff morale, and motivation were all significantly improved across our Retentions and New Lines campaigns.

We recruited a new Dialler Manager who created an effective dialler strategy which allowed us to outperform our daily, weekly and monthly targets.
We partnered with the client leads provider and workshopped around improving the leads and RPC via specific data analytics.
We introduced a reporting dashboard in collaboration our BI team, that helps us track all sales.

We focussed on quality of sales made:

  • QA team assessed sales made daily
  • Team QA calibration improvement sessions


Sigma Connected has managed to show significant growth month-on-month in both campaigns (New Business and Retentions)

  1. Reaching and exceeding the Conversion rate targets
  2. Increased sales daily, weekly, and monthly. (Exceeding the 1.5 SPD)

The QA average increased from 62% to 90% and staff are motivated and aligned with the goals and targets of the campaigns.
Recruitment of the right calibre staff played a vital role in us achieving the desired results. We went one step further by implementing daily tracking of sales and deep-diving on ways to improve the client experience and fast-tracking deliveries of the client’s packages. This yielded positive results both our client and their clientele.

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