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Australia’s cost of living crisis needs extreme customer care

Australia’s cost of living crisis needs extreme customer care As we enter into a new year, the cost-of-living crisis across Australia continues to bite into household budgets. Rising interest rates and near 8% inflation have seen monthly mortgage payments rocket to record levels, food prices on every supermarket aisle jumped by almost 9% in the […]

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How we deliver excellent customer service

South Africa Spotlight: How we deliver excellent customer service When it comes to delivering excellent customer service, the entire business has to embrace it, starting at the top. That’s why, at Sigma Connected, we’re big believers in keeping the customer at the heart of everything you do — no matter what seniority your role is. […]

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The importance of empathy during collections

The importance of empathy when collecting late payments Despite the ONS (Office for National Statistics) reporting that the UK unemployment rate fell to just 4.1% — a near pre-pandemic figure — inflation continues to take its toll on people’s wages, which have largely remained stagnant in the recent decade. With the cost of living and […]

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Bring back the human element

Where did the human in ‘human touch’ go? The path towards a truly customer-centric service with a genuine human touch can be a challenging one. This is especially the case if your company doesn’t have a comprehensive plan in place to embed Human Experience in every area of customer service. In this whitepaper, we discuss […]

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