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Bring back the human element

Where did the human in ‘human touch’ go? The path towards a truly customer-centric service with a genuine human touch can be a challenging one. This is especially the case if your company doesn’t have a comprehensive plan in place to embed Human Experience in every area of customer service. In this whitepaper, we discuss […]

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Why 24/7 customer service is important – by Jordan Shaw

Why 24/7 customer service is important – by Jordan Shaw 24/7 customer service ensures your customers are receiving support and assistance around the clock, whenever they need it. In today’s constantly connected world, customer expectations are higher than ever, with the rise of technology and omnichannel support giving customers the ability to communicate with businesses […]

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We are Sigma Connected

We are Sigma Connected As an outsourcing partner, we provide white-label customer contact and service centre solutions. But at Sigma Connected, we do things a little bit differently.

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