Quality assurance

Quality assurance & speech analytics

We offer a suite of quality of assurance services depending on your individual business needs.

Outsourced QA & compliance monitoring

By utilising a combination of speech analytics technologies and physical Quality Assessors, we are able to tailor the following options to your needs:

  • 100% automated call monitoring, with Assessor intervention on all interactions where automation is not feasible (Full QA).
  • 100% automated call monitoring with Assessor verification of a defined percentage of interactions selected randomly.
  • 100% automated call monitoring with Assessor verification of high risk calls selected by pre-defined criteria.
  • Defined % of automated call monitoring with Assessor verification of a further, defined % of interactions selected randomly.
  • Assessor only verification of a defined percentage of interactions selected by pre-defined criteria or randomly.

Reporting and Feedback – to be accessible via a single point of entry (SPE)

  • Evaluation Scorecard per interaction (QA)
  • Aggregated enterprise reporting
  • Enterprise hierarchy drill-down (Enterprise -> Site -> Team -> Agent)
  • Agent coaching feedback & Trend Analysis
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Workforce productivity analysis

Analysis of agent behaviour on inbound and outbound campaigns for purposes of improved efficiency and cost reduction

  • Call (re)categorisation
  • Risk Mitigation (identification and escalation of high risk interactions)
  • Productive time
    Total interaction duration
    Non-talk time percentage
    Time wasters (voicemails etc.)
  • Agent efficiency (KPI achievement)

Consultancy services

  • Identification of high risk interactions for feedback to operations and/or product development for process or product improvement.
  • Agent feedback and coaching interventions based on speech analytics insights to ensure improved efficiency.
  • Supporting clients with targeted coaching initiatives and interactions based on feedback, to improve expected efficiencies.


Reduced cost to monitor

Sigma Connected will save you the cost of recruiting and training your own team. By automating the monitoring of the majority of your call interactions using speech analytics technology, your average cost per monitored interaction will be reduced.


Increased customer experience

With an increased number of interactions monitored, the consistency of the service provided by your agents will increase, leading to a better overall customer experience.

Increased number of interactions monitored

Using speech analytics technology, the number of interactions monitored will dramatically increase meaning you have a better understanding of the quality of interactions your agents are having with your customers.


Increased workforce productivity

In our reports and in consultations, we constantly highlight areas of potential improvement within your workforce. QA & monitoring is a never-ending process so the more we can do to assist you in meeting your goals, the more our partnership with you grows.

If you’re looking to compliment your quality assurance process with expert outsourced solutions, it’s time to get in touch with the Sigma Connected team.

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