How do your digital & voice collections strategies stack up against your peers?

Choosing the right channel for engaging with customers is key to delivering the best customer experience. But how do you decide? When is it is right to automate the customer contact on a digital channel and when should the human touch remain a priority? Do you ask the customer how they want to engage with you, or do you set an overarching strategy and stick to it? Understanding the answers to these questions and others can help shape your customer contact strategy to maximise a positive customer experience even when the contact is initiated from a negative position e.g., a complaint or collections. We have teamed up with Arum to research the use of voice and digital channels, a preview of the results are in this short webinar recorded for the CSA. Full results and a free benchmarking assessment, so you can see how you compare to your peers and where you could improve your operations, will be available shortly.  




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