Impact sourcing

Impact Sourcing

We’re firm believers in Impact Sourcing and it plays an important part in our recruitment strategy.

Something we firmly believe in at Sigma Connected is that the circumstances we were born into, or where we live, shouldn’t limit our opportunities to succeed and thrive.

Recruiting, training and employing socio-economically disadvantaged people through Impact Sourcing plays an important part in our recruitment strategy and the way we deliver for our Australian clients.

Impact Sourcing in South Africa

In Cape Town, South Africa, the youth unemployment rate is consistently over 60%. It’s a country bursting with underutilised talent, but without the access or means to gain meaningful employment.

We’ve been working in partnership with Shadow Careers, a national job creation initiative, since 2020. Through this and similar partnerships, such as Youth Employment and Services (Yes) – and through directly reaching out to communities ourselves – over 60% of our South African workforce is recruited through Impact Sourcing.

Bringing jobs to the people

In 2022 we became the first GBS operation to open a contact centre in the Mitchells Plain township in Cape Town. More than 60% of our employees come from Mitchells Plain. Taking jobs to the people is an important and ground-breaking part of our plans. It cuts down on costly travel, improves work-life balance and enables us to support the community where many of our employees live.

Sigma Connected stories

Three of the many young people who have joined Sigma Connected’s contact centres in Cape Town through Impact Sourcing share their stories below.

The business benefits of Impact Sourcing

Impact Sourcing is not just a philanthropic gesture, and it’s not just box ticking. It’s a win-win for BPOs, the Australian businesses who partner with BPOs, and for the employees and communities it supports. Here are just some of the business benefits:

  • Access to an extended talent pool
  • Highly committed individuals who want to break the unemployment cycle
  • Low attrition + higher employee engagement = lower recruitment and training spend
  • Positive economic impact on the communities in which we operate
  • Helps our Australian clients achieve their sustainability goals
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Take a look at our infographic which shows just how much Impact Sourcing is embedded in our everyday way of working.

We take a closer look at Impact Sourcing in South Africa and the difference it is making to communities and lives – as well as the many business advantages it brings too. Download the paper here.

“Impact Sourcing works. It’s a proven business model with great outcomes – and helps raise communities out of poverty.” In this video collaboration with Ryan Strategic Advisory, Peter Ryan discusses why Impact Sourcing in CX is the way forward.

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