Vulnerable customer support

Vulnerable customer support

How we supported ScottishPower with their most vulnerable customers


Since 2013, Sigma Connected has supported ScottishPower with their customer experience and contact solutions. Through delivering a high performance throughout the relationship, ScottishPower continue to add new services to the partnership.

The challenge

ScottishPower is constantly seeking to improve the level of support they offer to their most vulnerable customers, especially those with complex needs.

In 2018, Sigma Connected was selected as the sole provider of the client’s Hyper Care initiative which aimed to deliver the highest level of support to those who need it the most.

The solution

We selected advisors with high emotional intelligence, empathy and listening skills. Advisors that had personal experiences of vulnerability were among those selected.

We offered training for the advisors to aid them in identifying problems and supporting vulnerable customers.

We implemented a Graduation Bay which provided supervision and support before the advisors entered a live environment.

The welfare of our advisors was key. To support them we provided additional help to reflect on difficult calls through de-briefs and counselling sessions that were available throughout the campaign.

The result

The solutions implemented by Sigma Connected helped achieve better Quality Scores than those previously achieved for a similar cohort of customers.

Through the extra care we delivered for advisors, attrition rates were reduced by c.30%. The enabled us to retain their knowledge, skills and experience to handle similar customers.

Not only were the vulnerable customers receiving a better experience but Scottish Power found that the number of complaints reduced plus sales improved following the set up of new, longer tariffs.

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