Scottish Power sales

How we established an outbound sales team for Scottish Power.


Sigma Connected has an established, and ongoing relationship with ScottishPower specifically in Early Collections. In 2017, we expanded this relationship by establishing an outbound sales team to qualify leads and generate new customers for them.

Initially starting with 15 FTE and growing to 40 FTE, Sigma managed all aspects of the sales campaign with the client reviewing regularly to ensure they were happy.

The challenge

While Sigma has extensive contact centre experience, at the time we had limited experience in outbound sales. We needed to compete against twelve established outbound sales companies, including the market leaders.

The solution

Sigma employed an experienced Head of Sales Operations, who had prior experience working within blue chip companies with responsibility for more than 200 FTE across multiple sites.

Peter overhauled the entire operation and employed two Sales Managers with significant experience in Telecoms, Utilities and Finance to help set up the department.

With a clearly defined and desirable advisor profile, the new team established strong links with recruitment companies which in turn improved the quality of candidates joining.

The sales team was completely reshaped. with training and coaching provided for agents as required. The team’s focus was driven by KPI’s to ensure delivery of the results.

The result

Early performance from the team was fantastic, with results stronger from the start than with previous new suppliers.

Sigma managed to hit more targets than any of the other 12 established suppliers we were competing against and now, the Sigma team is typically ranked in the top 3 of the providers every week.

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