Providing outsourced collections for Avon


Providing outsourced collections for Avon


Avon, the global makeup and skin care brand appointed Sigma to improve their collections performance by offering an efficient service – quickly and effectively.

The challenge

With Avon historically offshoring its collections services to India, Sigma needed to demonstrate the ability to set up a service quickly and enhance the performance from the incumbent provider. It was vital that Sigma demonstrated an improved customer journey.

The solution

Avon already depended on Sigma, to to handle a wide range of existing customer queries and challenges, tasking us with maintaining its brand quality by utilising our customer centric approach.

We allocated 15 dedicated full-time employees, which allowed for greater focus and expertise to be developed.

Services provided by Sigma included Early Arrears Collection – inbound and outbound – as well as trialling ‘Cloud’ Lettering – delivered via sms – and handling Workflow Management.

Sigma also implemented a process of methodically communicating with customers– letter, sms, email & IVR – and utilised the client’s email system and payment gateway to ensure consistency of customer experience.

In addition, reporting and management information provided deeper insights.

The result

The solution provided by Sigma ensured significant improvements in collections performance, almost trebling the success of the incumbent service provider.

According to the client, customer feedback has been extremely positive and complaint levels have fallen.

Successes of the service include achieving collections liquidations of over 60%, against an initial target of 22%, and call quality scores averaging above 90%, well above the 75% target set by the client.

Team attrition levels have also been extremely low, ensuring continuity of expertise.

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