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Sigma Connected started working with this client in September 2010. Initially, we started off with 500 cases and now hold over 1000 home loan accounts.

Our core function is to recover the full outstanding balance of the home loans.

Today, we continue to manage portions of this portfolio by mainly focusing on shortfall recoveries, abandoned properties and retail relationship banking just to name a few.

The challenge

The client had issues with the collection of outstanding, shortfall home loan repayments.

Most cases which had judgements served were either repossessed or abandoned properties.

Sigma was hired firstly to make sure the quality of work within collections improved and to ensure collections were deposited directly into the bond accounts of each debtor. Additionally, the client system needed to be updated daily with positive and non-positive outcomes.

The solution

Sigma started with an initial team of two employees within 2 weeks of being appointed who used Sigma’s collections system such as the dialler and other tracing tools.

The team ran daily day-end runs onto the client system which offered attractive Settlement Mandates alongside P2P modules

We managed to deliver with Sigma South Africa’s debt collector’s brand by using contingent commission rates with our employees. No collections meant no commissions which incentivised the team to increase collection rates.

The result

The campaign expanded as we were given more responsibility. We ranked 3rd place nationally in 2018 and we went a step further in 2019 by ranking in 2nd place nationally as we collected over R32,1million in the last 10 years.

We also achieved a 100% compliance on account audits for the client.

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