Early-stage collections – Increasing collections performance by 300%

Early-stage collections

Increasing collections performance by 300%


For this client, Sigma Connected wanted to set up an early arrears collection service in a fast and efficient manner, surpassing the performance of the client’s internal team whilst improving the overall customer experience.


Sigma Connected set up a team of dedicated team to focus on collections for the client. All Sigma employees were trained in the client’s brand values to ensure that the client’s reputation for a positive customer experience was maintained throughout the process. The allocation of dedicated FTE allowed for greater efficiency and expertise to be developed.


Sigma increased the client’s collections performance by almost 300% while reducing its re-opening rates through ensuring complaints were successfully resolved in the first instance.

Customer feedback was extremely positive and complaint levels fell drastically. With Sigma, the client managed to achieve collections liquidations of over 60% against an initial set target of 22%. Complaint volumes were well below the client KPIs, and team attrition levels remained extremely low ensuring continuity of expertise.

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