Self-managed teams and the changing shape of customer service

During the past few months some of our senior leaders here at Sigma Connected have been taking the time to produce a variety of industry-related whitepapers.

These whitepapers provide thought leadership – helping to articulate a particular problem and what the potential solutions may be. They have been a hugely popular addition to our online information offering and I was delighted to hold the pen on our latest offering which covers a topic which constantly divides opinion across various sectors – the benefits of self-managed, autonomous teams.

Within the whitepaper I pose a number of serious questions on whether self-managed teams and the freedoms they bring can deliver a better, more successful route than a traditional operating model.

For example, can they create improved customer loyalty and ultimately, a superior, swifter and more seamless experience for customers?

The answers to these questions can be varied but it’s important to note that the concept of self-managed teams isn’t new. There are examples, especially across the energy sector, of businesses grasping the concept and making the leap of faith brilliantly, and others where they have tried to embrace it but have not been successful. That variance in outcome can often be down to the lack of boardroom backing, understanding and impatience for results.

We are fortunate here at Sigma that we are servicing many industries, flexing around their day-to-day challenges. These businesses, and sectors, are more than ever seriously considering the self-managed team route and how outsourcers like us can support them on that transformational journey to support customers during what are unique times.

Whatever your views are on self-managed teams, there is no getting away from the fact that more often than not, the discussions we are having with clients both new and old, come back to the benefits of keeping a process as whole as possible and retaining the journey of all customers within a team who are empowered, aligned and have their eyes on the prize – exceptional customer service.

When fully understood and implemented properly with the correct, trusted partners, the outcomes really can be significant.


To download my whitepaper,  click on the link below.



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Ben Jones is our Group Chief Commercial Officer.

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