Outsourcing as a solution for businesses facing the Great Resignation 

Some industries need to radically rethink their approach to employee retention in a world where employees are comfortable demanding more from their employers.  

That context is made even more challenging for businesses considering that we are practically at full employment in Australia. This level of employment means that any employee unhappy at work is in a fantastic position to simply leave, safe in the knowledge that there are plenty of opportunities available with vacancies at record levels. 

The Great Resignation is a trend not easy to counteract with many underlying factors that don’t have quick, ready-made solutions.  

A radical shift in workplace culture to appease workers and stem the flow of resignations takes time to implement. 

On the hiring side, it’s not easy filling vacancies. Spoilt for choice, the modern applicant expects more from businesses and not just in the form of better salaries and work-life balance. Applicants want to work for companies they can be proud of.  

Transforming recruitment processes and adopting corporate responsibility drives take time to implement effectively. 

So, what actions can recruiters take now to address the immediate needs of a business? 

Outsourcing as a Solution 

Outsourcing is a viable option for many companies looking to overcome talent shortages. 

The benefits of outsourcing include: 

  • A bank of ready-made experts that can quickly assimilate into your workflow 
  • Cost-effective in comparison to inefficient recruitment 
  • Easily scalable – more workers on hand if you look to expand 
  • Reduces burden on current staff by removing a task (customer services, for example) 
  • Save money and time on training new staff 

In the current climate, more and more businesses understand that outsourcing is a fantastic option. You get ready-made skilled workers while avoiding the risk of continued high turnover rates and all the hassle associated with recruitment. 

With options for onshore or offshore outsourcing, or a hybrid model of the two, Sigma Connected can offer several services to help your business.  

Model 1 – onshore outsourcing 

At Sigma Connected, we offer various contact solutions services for businesses to take care of their customer care needs and fill a skills gap for your business. 

Our trained customer care operators can provide a range of services to businesses, from dealing with complaints to winning new customers.  

Our onshore outsourcing solutions offer many benefits for businesses. These include:  

  • Proximity to main headquarters/operational region 
  • Total cultural understanding of the local area 
  • Same time zone, which can be beneficial depending on the context of the service 
  • Removing the burden of local recruitment 
  • A ready-made bank of local experts ready to help your business scale 

Model 2 – outsourcing critical parts of your operation offshore 

A cost-effective outsourced offshore model can be the key to solving a large part of the understaffing businesses face. But offshoring to where is the critical question. 

We have built a reputable offshore operation in Cape Town, South Africa voted the best global offshoring destination for two years on the run. This offshoring capability, with a first-class English-speaking team, has grown as leading brands have trusted us to provide contact centre solutions from South Africa on their behalf  

Our staff in South Africa: 

  • Are well-trained, empathetic, and capable of building rapport with customers. 
  • Offer great value for a highly-skilled and educated workforce. 
  • Have a high language and cultural compatibility compared with other outsourcing nations. 
  • Are trained on your brand values, so they quickly feel part of your organisation. 
  • Have a low turnover rate, so the depth of experience is exceptional. 
  • Are part of a large resource pool enabling you to scale your business flexibly. 

Model 3 – a hybrid model 

We have been working relentlessly for more than ten years at Sigma to create a hybrid between onshoring and offshore alternatives.  

We provide businesses with what we think is a variety of viable options when outsourcing contact centre solutions or back-office tasks. 

What you get: 

  • A ready-made, fully scalable team of customer service experts at your disposal 
  • A mix of cost-effective offshore solutions combined with onshore solutions to offer more bespoke solutions. 
  • Over ten years’ experience delivering solutions for various clients in the energy, water, and financial services industries, among others. We know what we’re doing and can assimilate quickly with your business 
  • A ‘great-resignation-proof’ option for continued growth 

What you avoid: 

  • Wasted time and money with recruitment processes 
  • Risk of continued high turnover 
  • Stressful additions to your current employees’ workloads 

To learn more about how our outsourcing solutions can be so much more than a stopgap solution to the Great resignation, read our full report here. 

Jason Cowan

About the author

Jason Cowan is Sigma Connected’s Regional Managing Director, Australia.

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