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The human touch

The human touch Significant advances in technology over the past few decades have transformed the way companies deal and interact with customers – enabling even more products and services to be tailored to individual needs and specifications, improving efficiency with automated and streamlined processes. But while this friction-free way of working has proved attractive to […]

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How a human touch improves customer loyalty

How a human touch improves customer loyalty and retention A staggering 74% of customers say they’re more loyal to a company when they can speak to a real person instead of an automated system when they need assistance. Whilst digital solutions are great for improving efficiency and providing 24/7 support, it’s clear that human beings […]

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Bring back the human element

Where did the human in ‘human touch’ go? The path towards a truly customer-centric service with a genuine human touch can be a challenging one. This is especially the case if your company doesn’t have a comprehensive plan in place to embed Human Experience in every area of customer service.

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Where’s the human element gone in customer service?

What is the human element in customer service and where has it gone? We’ve been relying on technology to make customer service more frictionless over the last few decades and, in many ways, that has been achieved. However, as customer service evolves, so do customers’ expectations. Increasingly hard-to-meet expectations are bad news for businesses because, […]

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Digital vs human

Digital vs human: Comparing customer service channels

Digital vs human: Comparing customer service channels The majority of today’s customers expect to be able to receive service through any channel and on any device, with 59% saying that they use multiple channels to get their questions answered. Although digital methods of communication are growing in popularity, particularly amongst younger generations, it’s important to […]

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Human element

How to keep the human element in customer service

How to keep the human element in customer service A shocking 59% of consumers say that companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience. The “human element” refers to the possibility of a genuine connection between a customer and a service agent emerging during a customer service interaction. It’s vital that these […]

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